Borders between the global north and south are fortified and militarized to secure the movement of wealth and goods while limiting the movement of poor immigrants and refugees. These borders can correspond to national borders, and they can also divide areas according to ethnic, racial, or religious lines. At times, these borders cut through ancestral lands, nature reserves, take over resources, isolate and strangle occupied peoples. The fortification of these borders is never ending, using ever-growing physical barriers, armed presence, and technological surveillance and monitoring. The border industry has been similarly growing, with the advent of private policing and the development of virtual border, surveillance and monitoring technologies.

This section focuses on the main companies involved in the militarization of borders and the policing of immigration, and it is organized in four parts, including companies involved in:

  1. building, maintaining, equipping, and operating the U.S.-Mexico border fortifications and surveillance
  2. detention of immigrants and providing services to detention facilities and private detention companies
  3. surveillance and monitoring of immigrants and immigrant communities in the U.S.
  4. border walls worldwide - with the first example being the West Bank separation wall and the wall around Gaza in Palestine

For each of these sections, we provide a summary of the main trends and identify the companies involved, with profiles of the main publicly traded companies among them. The first three sections depend on our independent in-house research, using online research, site visits and local reports. The fourth is based on Who Profits research.

We hope that this information will serve responsible investors and other stakeholders in asking these companies to step away from such business activities. We hope it will help activists build leverage and sustain public campaigns to hold these companies accountable.