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2017 Prison and Occupation-Free Mutual Funds

The following is a list of socially responsible mutual funds which have not reported holdings in any of the companies on our divestment list. This does not mean that these funds are actively screening for prison- or occupation-related human rights violations. If you have investments and these issues are important to you, contact your money manager to let them know about your concerns and to urge them to adopt a socially responsible investment (SRI) policy that includes an appropriate human rights screen.

Our submission to a new U.N. database: The Businesses Involved in Israeli Settlements

On December 30, 2016, the AFSC Economic Activism Program submitted its recommendations toward the implementation of United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution 31/36 of March 2016, which called on the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to produce a database of businesses that, directly or indirectly, enable, facilitate or profit from the construction and growth of the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

Webinar: Investigate the Prison Industry

This webinar presents our new research mapping the U.S. prison industry and shows how to use the Investigate tool to measure your "Prison Footprint." It also offers targets for consumer boycott campaigns and discusses criteria for prison divestment.
Participants: Caroline Isaacs, director of AFSC's Arizona Program, Dr. Dalit Baum, AFSC's Economic Activism director, and Jamie Trinkle, coordinator of Enlace's Private Prison Divestment Campaign.

Webinar - How to Use "Investigate"

In this webinar with AFSC Economic Activism Program Director Dalit Baum, we walk users through the basic instructions for using "Investigate," including how to navigate the tool site, how to upload documents to be scanned, and how to interpret the scanner's results, followed by a Question and Answer period to address frequently asked questions about the tool.



Economic Activism

The investigate investment screening tool is just one part of AFSC's economic activism program aimed at bringing a just peace to Palestine/Israel. Learn more about our other campaigns here.