Our Methodology

The Investigate project aims to expose corporate involvement in oppressive state violence structures and to promote standards for corporate and investor social responsibility and respect for human rights in such business relationships. We have identified a lack of available information about the implications of human rights laws and guiding mechanisms to companies involved in specific areas of state violence and to the stakeholders and investors in these companies. The Investigate project and this website were created to fill that gap.

Our database was developed using our own independent research. We use a variety of sources, including:

  • Information published by other independent research initiatives. For example, much of our information about corporate involvement in the occupation industry is based on the database of  Who Profits. Our research about corporate involvement in the prison and border industries is informed by work published by Prison Legal News, the Corrections Accountability Project, and Urban Justice Center.
  • Information published by government agencies.
  • Corporate documents, including annual reports, SEC filings, promotional materials, and more.
  • Legal documents.
  • Academic research.
  • Media reports.

Please contact us with any queries, corrections or additions.