Occupation (Israel/Palestine)

This screen was developed in cooperation with Who Profits and includes a list of companies that support or are complicit in Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territory due to their involvement in Israel’s settlement industry, economic exploitation of Palestinian people and/or resources, and/or the control of the Palestinian population.

The Settlement Industry: This includes companies that maintain facilities in, provide services to, or aid in the construction of illegal Jewish only Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Economic Exploitation: This includes companies that exploit Palestinian labor, lax environmental regulation in the occupied Palestinian territory, and captive Palestinian markets and/or companies that pillage natural resources in the occupied territory.

Control of Population: This includes civilian companies that provide services and/or equipment used to control and repress the Palestinian civilian population. This includes but is not limited to companies that assist with the building and maintenance of the illegal Wall, checkpoints, the Gaza siege, and other movement restrictions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

More information about how companies included in this screen are identified and researched can be found at whoprofits.org.

It should be noted that the screens included in this tool are limited to a focus on companies involved in Israel’s occupation and resultant violations of international law. The screens are not comprehensive lists of Israeli companies or companies doing business in or with Israel.

We have endeavored to make these screens as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible and update the site regularly. However, we cannot guarantee that all of the information available in our database system is up-to-date. It is therefore the responsibility of users of this site to verify information received as a result of their use of this tool. If you believe that there is information on this site that is missing or that needs to be updated, please let us know.