Electronic Monitoring

This section focuses on electronic monitoring technologies that monitor convicted individuals, formerly incarcerated individuals, and immigrants for purposes of home confinement, community corrections, probation and parole, and other forms of “mass supervision” beyond prisons that are intended to serve as alternatives to incarceration.

Private tracking and monitoring technology companies have a direct financial stake in its clients and a primary commitment to maximize profits. Unlike the county or government agency responsible for correctional technologies, private companies do not have an obligation to protect public safety or prevent recidivism. Consequently, when private companies take over for the work of public government departments, they violate safety and justice for incarcerated individuals in the quest for profit.

More Information about Publicly-Traded Companies

The world's largest private security company. Owns private prisons in Australia, South Africa, UK. Provides governments with multiple other punishment-related services. Operates the Israeli National Police Academy.

A Canadian multinational wireless communications equipment designer and manufacturer (formerly Numerex). Provides electronic monitoring services, locating and tracking individuals for pre-trial adjudication, probation, parole, and immigration control.

The world's 2nd largest private prison company and largest "community corrections" and electronic monitoring business. Owns and operates prisons and immigrant detention centers in the US and abroad. Provides the government with other services as part of the criminal punishment system.