Numerex Corp.

Numerex is a security firm with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 1992 and was first listed on NASDAQ in 1994. Numerex offers machine-to-machine (M2M) business services, technology, and products used in the development and support of automated security, monitoring and tracking solutions for enterprise and government markets worldwide. The company’s 2014 revenues were $96.8 million.

Numerex’s business is comprised of four main sectors:

  • Safety and Security: home and commercial security alarm systems, electronic human monitoring, and personal emergency response devices 
  • Asset ID and Tracking:  cellular and GPS asset location-based tracking technology, such as fleet or inventory tracking
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: monitoring, control, and data reporting for automated machinery such as pump jacks, generators, and tanks
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: tracking and analytics to improve distribution and manufacturing efficiency 

As part of its “Safety and Security” sector,  Numerex sells tracking services for the corrections supervision and surveillance industry, including parole supervision, pretrial supervision, supervised probation, house arrest electronic monitoring, tracking sex offenders, juvenile probation, school truancy, gang activity, and domestic violence offender monitoring.

Numerex offers these services through Omnilink, its wholly-owned subsidiary acquired in 2014. Omnilink currently holds contracts with at least 750 agencies and service providers throughout the criminal justice system in the United States and Canada, primarily through its two signature products: the OM400, a one-piece GPS/cellular "offender monitoring anklet" with two-way application, and the FocalPoint monitoring application.

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