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A US healthcare company. Provides community corrections including residential re-entry programs and substance abuse rehabilitation.

Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. is a behavioral healthcare company based in Franklin, Tennessee, with operations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. As of 2017, Acadia operates 582 behavioral healthcare facilities with approximately 17,800 beds in 39 states, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico. In 2017, Acadia generated $2.8 billion in annual revenue from both its US and UK operations ($1.8 billion and $1 billion respectively).

Acadia is involved in the community corrections industry through providing rehabilitation programs to people transitioning out of incarceration. The company contracts with state correctional departments to provide healthcare, specifically substance abuse rehabilitation and community corrections, including residential reentry programs. 

Acadia is the parent company of Aspen Education Group and CRC Healthcare, both of which are involved in community corrections.

Based in Cupertino, California, CRC Healthcare claims to be the largest provider of addiction treatment services. The company owns 145 treatment facilities across the United States and sees 30,000 patients daily. The company has substance abuse, weight management, gambling treatment, and eating disorder programs. In February 2014, CRC Healthcare bought all of Habit OPCO, Inc.’s 22 facilities located in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for $58 million. Habit OPCO offers reentry programs to treat people who are about to be released from prison and were addicted to drugs prior to their incarceration.

A 2013 Bloomberg news report said that a CRC clinic was chronically understaffed and dispensed take-home methadone in doses as large as a 30-day supply. A 2012 report by Salon found allegations of abuse and neglect in at least 10 CRC residential drug and teen care facilities across the country. Ex-staffers told Salon the company valued money-making over client safety.

Aspen Education Group claims to be “the leading provider of education programs for struggling and underachieving young people.” Aspen manages a network of therapeutic and rehabilitative schools and programs for youth and students, including residential treatment programs.

Aspen facilities have had a number of youth tragedies. Three children died in Aspen-owned facilities in Utah, two of whom were suicides and the third was caused by medical negligence.

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24 October 2018