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An Israeli IT service management company and subsidiary of Formula Systems. It provides services and technology to illegal Israeli settlements, the Israeli military, and the Israel Police and Prison Services, and operates one branch in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Matrix IT is an Israeli IT service management company. It is a subsidiary of Israeli company Formula Systems, which is owned by Polish company Asseco Poland. According to Who Profits, Matrix provides services to illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West bank and operates an outsourcing center in the settlement of Mod'in Illit.

In addition to servicing illegal Israeli settlements, the company routinely provides IT services and technology to Israeli government agencies, including the military and Israeli Civil Administration (ICA)—the agency responsible for overseeing civil matters for Jewish Israeli settlers and Palestinian residents in the occupied West Bank.

Matrix provided IT services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and ICA for operations related to Israel's "Rolling Stone" system. This system monitors and collects data on Palestinians and issues permits to Palestinians working in illegal Israeli settlements. Similarly, Matrix and its various subsidiaries have provided equipment to Israel's "Meitar" system, another surveillance system that issues biometric identification cards to Palestinians for use in crossing military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank.

The company has also provided various cybersecurity training services, software and computer systems, and communications equipment to Israeli military authorities and the District Coordination and Liaison Office (DCL) in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Matrix also contracts with the Israel Police and Prison Services. According to Who Profits, one of the company's subsidiaries, John Bryce Training, has provided training services to Israel's National Police Academy. Another subsidiary, Matrix I.T. Software Products, has provided systems maintenance services to the Israel Prison Service.

This company was included in the 2020 United Nations database of companies doing business in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

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