Malam-Team Ltd

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One of Israel's largest IT companies. Operates a facility in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.

One of the biggest IT companies in Israel. The company operates an offshore IT services project called "Ma'alot" that employs ultra-orthodox Jewish women in the West Bank settlement of Beithar Illit.

The Team Computers company was subcontracted by EDS in 1999 to supply HP desktops and servers, followed by ongoing support and maintenance for the Basel Project.

The Basel System is an automated biometric access control system for Palestinian workers, installed in major checkpoints such as Erez (entrance to Gaza), Sha'ar Ephraim, and Bethlehem checkpoints (West Bank).

One of the group's subsidiaries is Eltal Technologistics, a provider of scanning equipment to checkpoints in the West Bank and the Erez checkpoint (Gaza).

The company operates and maintains scanning equipment in the West Bank checkpoints of Hotze-Shomron, Eyal, Barta'a (Rihan), Eliyahu, Jalme (Gilboa), Metar, Metzudut Yehuda, Sha'ar Efraim (Irtah), Macabim, Tarqumya, Habik'a. In addition, the company operates and maintenance scanning equipment in the Karni checkpoint in Gaza.

The company was also hired by AS&E to performs the installation and maintenance for Nuctech (link is external) and L-3 (link is external) scanners in the Erez checkpoint and in West Bank checkpoints.

The company provides different operational system, equipment and services to the Israeli army.