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An Israeli renewable energy company that develops, constructs, and operates solar and wind power plants in the occupied Golan Heights as well as the Negev.

Enlight Renewable Energy is an Israeli company that builds and operates solar and wind power plants. While based in Israel, it entered the U.S. market in 2021 with the acquisition of Clēnera of Boise, Idaho. As of 2022, Enlight's U.S. operations account for 73% of its overall business and includes projects under various stages of development in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Michigan, New Mexico, and Utah. In Europe, Enlight has projects in Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Ireland, Serbia, Spain, and Sweden.

The company has operates two wind farms in the occupied Golan Heights. The first, Emek Habacha, became operational in 2022 and was constructed by Minrav and Nextcom. General Electric provided the wind turbines for the project, including installing them in place and providing ongoing maintenance, according to Who Profits. The second project, Ruach Bereshit, is scheduled to become operational in 2023. Both power plants operate under the jurisdiction of the Golan Regional Council, which serves the illegal Israeli settlements in the region. Illegal settlements near the projects have the option of joining as minority stakeholders, according to Who Profits.

Additionally, Enlight has eight solar energy projects in the Negev, according to Who Profits. The company has also developed a wind energy project in the Yatir Forest, which was planted by the Jewish National Fund to displace the indigenous Bedouin population.

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