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An Israeli conglomerate of infrastructure, engineering, real estate, and construction companies, involved in multiple construction and infrastructure projects in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Electra is a conglomerate of Israeli and international companies, specialized in the fields of electromechanical systems, real estate development and construction, facility management and large-scale infrastructure.

Through its subsidiaries, the company is involved in multiple construction, infrastructure and systems provision to the Israeli settlements and bodies in the occupied Palestinian territory:

A fully owned subsidiary of the company, Electra Katzenstein (formerly Katzenstein Adler), operates a 4,780 square meters factory in the Barkan settlement industrial zone in the West Bank. The company was chosen to install switchboards in the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Fast Train (A1).

Another fully owned subsidiary, Electra Construction, has been involved in the construction of housing projects in West Bank settlements. The company built 141 housing units in the settlement neighborhood of Har Homa (Homat Shmuel) in occupied East Jerusalem and 52 housing unit is the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim.

In addition, Electra Investmenets executed a project in the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim from 2009.                     

Electra Y.B., another fully owned subsidiary of the Electra group, is contracted by the Israeli Prisons Servis (the IPS) to execute a biometric project, including maintanace, from 2016 until 2019 for NIS 1.24 million. 

In 2012 Electra has bought Hofrey Hashron - a large Israeli civil engineering company. Ever since the company functions as Electra's arm in large scale infrastructure projects and is known as Electra Infrastructures Hofrey Hasharon. Electra Infrastructures Hofrey Hasharon develops and builds several infrastructure projects in the occupied West Bank. It was contracted by Israeli Railways to build tunnel 3A in section D of the fast Tel Aviv- Jerusalem railroad (A1), through occupied Palestinian land. The A1 train route crosses the green line into the occupied West Bank in two areas, using occupied Palestinian land, some of it privately owned, for an Israeli transportation project aimed exclusively for Israelis. Electra Infrastructure built vehicle tunnels near the settlement of Nili.

Its subsidiary, Ben Hasharon, has executed the planning and physical development of the expansion of the Barkan settlement industrial zone for the Samaria Development Co. The early stages of this project also included massive quarrying on the expansion’s site. The quarrying of Palestinian non-renewable natural resources for Israeli needs is another form of illegal exploitation. 

On February 2015, Electra and Electra Infrastructures Hofrey Hasharon won a tender for the construction and maintenance of the track and electronic systems of the Tel Aviv- Jerusalem A1 rail. Both companies won this EUR 160 million tender as part of an international consortium, named the Electra Bögl Group and composed of the German company Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. and Swiss company Signon Schweiz. The Construction will include laying 46 kilometers of track, setting up electromechanical systems that support railway operation, management and integration. The project started immediately after the signing of the contract and is due to be completed in 34 months. The maintenance services included in the contract will be provided by the consortium for a period of 10 years. 

The company also owns Ariel Properties whose malls division, Ariel Promol Malls Management, markets and manages a shopping center in Ramot, a settlement neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Additional subsidiaries provide services to the Israeli Army, Israeli Police, the Ministry of Defense and other governmental bodies. In 2012, Electra Power won a tender for the construction, operation and maintenance of the new military training campus in the Negev (Naqab) desert – ‘the Bahadim city’. This project, located in Israel proper, together with other plans, threaten to displace the Bedouin communities living in the area. Electra FM supplies overall maintenance services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense headquarters’ in Hakirya military base in Tel Aviv. Girit Control Systems and Communications provided communications and security systems to the Israel Police, the Israeli Military and the Prime Minister’s office.