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An Israeli construction company controlled by Africa Israel and its parent company, Lapidoth Capital. It is involved in several construction and infrastructure projects in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Danya Cebus is an Israeli construction company that specializes in industrial buildings and infrastructure projects. It is controlled by Israeli holding and investment company Africa Israel Investments, whose parent company is Lapidoth Capital. Outside of Israel, Danya Cebus operates in Cyprus, Poland, Romania, and the U.S.

Danya Cebus has a long history of building residential and commercial projects in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. This includes large residential neighborhoods with thousands of housing units in the illegal settlements of Ma'ale Adumim and Modi'in Illit, as documented by Who Profits.

After its parent company Africa Israel was excluded from some pension funds because of these activities, it publicly stated in 2010 that it and its subsidiaries are not "involved in" and do not have "any plans for future involvement in development, construction or building of real estate in settlements in the West Bank." However, shortly after, Danya Cebus started building 121 housing units in Gilo, an illegal settlement that is part of occupied East Jerusalem.

Danya Cebus has conducted infrastructure work for other controversial projects, such as the underground wall around the blockaded Gaza Strip and the "American Road," a highway in occupied East Jerusalem that will reportedly displace hundreds of Palestinians. Previously, it built a shopping mall for Rami Levi in the Atarot Industrial Zone in occupied East Jerusalem, as well as residential dormitories for 1,600 students at the Hebrew University in occupied East Jerusalem.

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