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U.S. Corporations Complicit in Operation Protective Edge

The following is a list of corporations complicit in the 2014 attack on Gaza called Operation Protective Edge.  If you are interested in organizing economic activism campaigns in response to the attacks, these are companies to target.


“Quaker Action,” fall 2014: Holding Corporations to Account

This issue of Quaker Action profiles the commitment to shared wellbeing and the common good that drives AFSC to hold corporations to account for their actions. The same is true for governments under the influence of major corporations. By raising people’s awareness of the issues, and speaking to the light in each person, AFSC and our partners challenge everyone to engage in practices that benefit the whole community.


“You just have to be human: Resisting apartheid & occupation” by Dalit Baum

In this post Dalit Baum writes about the passbook system in South Africa and the ID system in Israel, both established to control, segregate, and limit movement. Boycotts and divestment are one way to take a moral stand against and resist the practices of companies benefitting from the oppression of a targeted group.


Boycott, divestment and sanctions explained

Taking into account AFSC principles and history, AFSC supports all nonviolent efforts to realize peace and justice in Israel and Palestine including the strategic use of boycott, divestment, and sanctions tactics.


Frequently Asked Questions about AFSC’s divestment screen

In 2008 AFSC added an Israel-Palestine specific investment screen to its socially responsible investment policy. This screen prohibits AFSC from investing in any company that contributes to the perpetuation of the Israeli military occupation of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem, provides services to Israeli settlements, or providers products or services that enable violent acts that target civilians. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this screen.