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An Israeli construction firm specializing in large-scale metal infrascructure projects. Its subsidiary Pelegas has a facility in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank. Its subsidiary Carmor designed an armored vehicle specifically for the needs of the Israeli military occupation.

Brand Industries is an Israeli  company that designs and constructs large-scale metal projects in the energy, chemical, infrastructure, and construction industries in Israel and internationally. Its products include structures for power stations, multi-purpose storage tanks, high power transmission towers, and steel structures for construction. Two of Brand’s subsidiaries, Pelegas and Carmor, directly profit from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Pelegas Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Brand, is an Israeli manufacturer of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and other specialized equipment for the storage and transportation of natural gas. The company’s production facility is located at the "Nitzanei Shalom" industrial zone, which is an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Israel established multiple industrial zones in the occupied Palestinian territories in order to take advantage of the cheap labor of Palestinian workers. Israeli labor laws do not apply in these industrial zones, and there is continuous documentation of violation of labor rights by companies that operate there. Pelegas has  a long-term lease agreement with the Israeli military Civil Administration for its West Bank production facility until 2044.

Carmor-Integrated Vehicle Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of Brand formerly named Hatehof, is an Israeli company that designs, develops, and manufactures specialized vehicles for both military and civilian usage. Among its products are armored military vehicles and riot control vehicles. During the second Intifada, the company developed jointly with the Israeli military, an armored personnel carrier called The Wolf, specifically designed for urban warfare. Since its initial deployment in 2005, The Wolf gradually became one of the main vehicles used by the Israeli military in the occupied Palestinian territory. Carmor also manufactures riot control vehicles, designed to disperse protesters through non-lethal weapons, such as tear gas launchers and water canons. The Israeli military and police routinely use these vehicles to control the Palestinian population.