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An Israeli company operating in the agriculture, retail, financial services, and real estate sectors. Its subsidiaries provide services to and operate facilities in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian and Syrian territories.

B Goan Holdings' subsidiary Middle East Tube Company Ltd. ("Metco") has provided equipment and services to multiple infrastructure projects in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights, according to Who Profits. It provides equipment to Mekorot, Israel's national state-owned water company, which drills for water throughout the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights and supplies water to all illegal Israeli settlements. Metco has also provided equipment to Mekorot for the construction of a water line from the Sea of Galilee to the occupied Golan Heights as part of a project to expand private settler agricultural estates in the region.

Metco has also provided equipment and services to water infrastructure projects carried out by two illegal settlement water cooperatives, Mei Golan (Golan Water) and Mei Bikat HaYarden (Jordan Valley Water). The Jordan Valley Water cooperative purifies wastewater from occupied East Jerusalem, at a plant located in the occupied West Bank, and sources water from a reservoir in an illegal settlement.

Two other B Gaon subsidiaries, Mei Vered and Hakohav, sell water meters and valves to distributors in the occupied West Bank.

In addition, B Gaon has a 50% stake in the Sagiv Cooperative Society, which has a distributor in an illegal settlement in the occupied Golan Heights, and an 8.7% stake in Field Produce, which constructed packing facilities in two illegal settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley.

B Gaon formerly owned 15% of Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories, which it sold to Chinese company Fosun International in 2016.

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