Afcon Holdings Ltd

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An Israeli company specializing in control and automation technologies that is involved in several projects in the occupied Palestinian territory and Golan Heights.

According to Who Profits, Afcon provides metal detectors to several Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank and to the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA), the government agency responsible for administering civilian aspects of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Afcon subsidiary DM (3000) Engineering Ltd. also provides support for the Meitar System, which the ICA uses to issue biometric ID cards to Palestinians for use in crossing Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank.

The company has also provided services to and supported construction/infrastructure projects in Israel's illegal settlements. According to Who Profits, Afcon operates electric vehicle charging stations in the occupied West Bank's Karnei Shomron and Beitar Ilit settlements and in the occupied Golan Heights' Remote settlement, as of 2022. Afcon also provided support for the construction of the Tel-Aviv Jerusalem railway, which connects illegal settlement neighborhoods, cuts through occupied Palestinian land, and is intended for use by Israelis only.

In addition to its activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, Afcon also provides maintenance services and security infrastructure to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Police, and Prison Service. For example, it develops security systems for Israel's military bases and border sites. Additionally, the company provided security cameras and control systems to the city of Ramla as part of Israel's Smart City project.

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