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A US healthcare company that has provided "community corrections" programs and previously incarcerated unaccompanied immigrant youth with mental or behavioral challenges.

Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. is a behavioral healthcare company based in Franklin, TN. As of 2021, Acadia operated 238 behavioral healthcare facilities with approximately 10,500 beds in 40 states and Puerto Rico. In 2021, Acadia generated $2.3 billion in annual revenue.

As part of its contracts with state agencies, Acadia provides substance abuse rehabilitation and mental health treatment to people in prisons. For example, Acadia job postings reviewed in August 2022 indicate the company has a Corrections Team and a Diversion Team that provide services to prisons and jails in the states of Massachusetts and Washington. In addition, Acadia has provided services to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as part of an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program as of 2018. In 2014, Acadia acquired CRC Healthcare, whose subsidiary Habit OPCO has operated prison reentry programs as of 2012.

In addition to working for the criminal punishment system, Acadia has also participated in the jailing of unaccompanied immigrant children. In March 2019, it was revealed that the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), the government agency that detains unaccompanied and forcibly separated immigrant youth until they are reunited with their family, was utilizing numerous unregistered facilities to detain children as young as nine years old with “mental health and behavioral challenges.” Acadia Healthcare owns and operates at least two of these facilities, Millcreek Behavioral Health in Fordyce, Arkansas and Rolling Hills Hospital in Ada, Oklahoma, which together held at least nine immigrant children under ORR custody. As of 2022, it is unknown whether any immigrant children are still jailed in Acadia’s facilities.

Both facilities that held immigrant children have faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment and physical abuse. A 2017 lawsuit accused Acadia’s Rolling Hills facility of permitting sexual abuse of children inside the facility, destroying video evidence, and refusing access to state investigators. Millcreek has also faced allegations of mistreatment and abuse and was reportedly called by its residents “misery mill” due to rampant violence. Millcreek was sued in 2019 for negligence that resulted in youth-on-youth sexual assault.

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